June 2024

Importance of Dedicated Server Backups and How To Do It

Importance of Dedicated Server Backups and How To Do It

Hardware failure, theft, hacking, and human negligence are some ways businesses lose their confidential data. One way to avoid data loss is to opt for dedicated server backups. Companies that offer dedicated web hosting services tend to offer managed hosting options that offer automatic backups. 

There are also some things you can do to mitigate the changes in data loss on your end. This article will discuss the necessity and process of dedicated server backups. Let us get started. 

Importance of Dedicated Server Backups 

A data backup on a dedicated server is essential for the following reasons: 

  1. Backups create a duplicate copy of your website data and store it in another location. So whenever an emergency happens, such as data loss, the user can effortlessly retrieve it when needed. 
  2. You cannot prevent data loss, so keeping the updated version of your website data or having a premium backup service in
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What Is The Importance of Domain Privacy Protection?

What Is The Importance of Domain Privacy Protection?

In today’s world website domain and hosting is common practice for many organisations or businesses. However, when opting for web hosting in Australia, you must take security into account. 

This is because after you buy your Australian domain, your personal information will be publicly available. Hence, you may receive more spam emails or even face hacking attempts. 

Moreover, if your company’s information ends up in the wrong hands, it can be detrimental, as data breaches can create a financial dent in your business. 

In this blog, we will discuss in detail the importance of domain privacy protection and how it helps provide an extra layer of protection.

What is Domain Privacy Protection?

Domain Privacy protection is a service that protects your personal information stored in the WHOIS databases. This personal information includes email address, phone number, IP address and more. 

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Starting Your Own Affiliate Home Business

Starting Your Own Affiliate Home Business

In the digital world, affiliate marketing is one of the most influential and current marketing strategies where third-party publishers promote products or services and earn revenue for sales. This marketing strategy is also referred to as partner marketing or performance marketing. It’s a multibillion-dollar industry and a flexible and low-risk opportunity to earn money online. So let’s discover how to start an affiliate business.   

How to start affiliate marketing 

Step 1: Research your niche. 

A niche is the category that you want to talk about and promote. Select your niche considering your interests and follow Google Trends to discover what people are searching on the internet that might help you to correlate your niche. To build a more focused audience, choose a specific niche instead of choosing a broad niche. For example, you can go for fitness products. 

Step 2: Choose your affiliate platform

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