What Is The Importance of Domain Privacy Protection?

What Is The Importance of Domain Privacy Protection?

In today’s world website domain and hosting is common practice for many organisations or businesses. However, when opting for web hosting in Australia, you must take security into account. 

This is because after you buy your Australian domain, your personal information will be publicly available. Hence, you may receive more spam emails or even face hacking attempts. 

Moreover, if your company’s information ends up in the wrong hands, it can be detrimental, as data breaches can create a financial dent in your business. 

In this blog, we will discuss in detail the importance of domain privacy protection and how it helps provide an extra layer of protection.

What is Domain Privacy Protection?

Domain Privacy protection is a service that protects your personal information stored in the WHOIS databases. This personal information includes email address, phone number, IP address and more. 

It provides an extra layer of protection and security by protecting this information from the public. Domain registrars often offer domain privacy protection services, which help protect your WHOIS records from being misused by certain individuals.

Why is Domain Privacy Protection Important?

Below are some reasons that make domain protection an essential service.

  •  Protects Personal Information 

When you register your domain name, you must submit your contact details for security purposes. However, this means that your personal information and contact details are stored publicly. 

This increases the risk of cyber attacks, as cybercriminals can misuse your information to access your website. They can also steal sensitive and valuable data and install malicious software. 

With domain protection, your personal information, such as your email address, company address, and phone number, is encrypted and can not be accessed or misused.

  • Prevention From Spam Emails

Spam emails and email phishing can lead to security breaches which can be detrimental to your company’s reputation. Therefore, having protection for your email address is essential and enabling domain protection reduces the risk of email phishing attacks and prevents spam emails.

  • Prevention From Scam Phone Calls 

When your phone number is publicly available it poses many security concerns. It can lead to many scam phone calls. Individuals can pretend to sell fake services and products. Hence it is essential to protect your phone number to prevent scam phone calls. 

  • Prevents Your Personal Information From Being Sold

Individuals can take your personal information from your company and then sell it to third-party providers when you do not have domain privacy protection. These third-party providers then further sell your information to different organisations.

This leads to you receiving constant spam phone calls and emails. Therefore getting domain privacy protection is essential to prevent your personal information from being sold to third-party sites.

  • Prevents Unwanted Website Traffic

Unwanted traffic can be detrimental to your website. It can overload your website’s server resources and storage, leading to a crash or slowdown, which can result in a loss of visitors and sales. Hence enabling domain privacy protection is essential to prevent unwanted website traffic.

To Wrap It Up

Domain privacy protection helps prevent unwanted traffic, prevents your personal information from being sold, prevents scam phone calls/emails, prevents domain theft and more. 

Simply put, It offers the advantage of enhancing your online security. Therefore, investing in domain privacy protection is imperative for any website owner who wants to protect their private information from being misused.